Safety Consulting

m.a.c. Paran Consulting Services has extensive experience with leading very successful projects to ensure worker safety in all sizes of projects.  The project for which we are most known and recognized is the implosion of Cinergy Field, the former Riverfront Stadium.  We were responsible for total site safety throughout this project, including the implosion itself and its impact to nearby glass encased office buildings.  During this project, we are proud to have recorded zero reportable safety incidents to workers, onlookers, or employees of adjacent operating businesses.  We were also responsible for total site safety for the Ft. Washington Way Redevelopment Project.  Throughout the two and a half year duration of this very dangerous downtown highway project, only one reportable incident occurred.  m.a.c. Paran was responsible for 400 workers per day.

m.a.c Paran offers the following safety services:

Our extensive and successful experience in, and and knowledge of, safety concerns coupled with our ability to train and manage workers effectively provides us with a unique ability to effectively and safely manage projects of all sizes.